The Truth about Essential Oils

The Truth about Essential Oils

There is so much false information out on the market about essential oils that we believed it was important to address this topic especially for those of you who are desiring to be prepared before a disaster happens.

So what exactly are essential oils?

Put simply they are aromatic, volatile compounds found in plant matter such as leaves, roots, and bark. It is the “Life force” of the plant and protects it from disease and pests, much like the sebum in your skin.

Before I proceed, let me put in the required FDA statement – (The proceeding statements about essential oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information provided here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help.)  These are simply things that have worked for me personally, and for people throughout history around the world.

Properly produced, Pure, high quality and potent essential oils are 50-70 times more potent then the herb itself. 1 drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of tea! However, it is important you know that all oils are not created equally, in fact most oils that claim to be 100% pure are in fact not consumable nor are they even the product you thought you were buying. Many of the oils out on the market are adulterated, which means, other products such as fillers, chemicals, scents, etc. are added to them. Another important fact is that many of the plants used have been treated with pesticides. Essential oils are not regulated and each company sets its own standard but there is at least 1 company that is pushing, for your benefit, to get a set standard for everyone so that you the consumer can know what you are buying. After all, when you walk into your store and buy a bottle of 100% pure peppermint oil, you expect 100% pure peppermint oil; but in most cases that is not what you are getting. There is one popular brand in local stores today where their 100% pure peppermint oil is nothing more than corn mint and scent – not a drop of real peppermint in it yet most people would never know.


True essential oils can be safely diffused, used topically, and yes – be consumed. (You will find that many companies who state an essential oil should never be consumed are the companies that are creating inferior oils and want you to believe it would be hazardous to consume anyone’s oils so they do not look bad or lose sales)


Diffusing safe oils into the air will help kill the germs in the air, help open a person’s airways and help affect a person’s mood, including depression.


When a safe oil is used topically just one drop can service every cell in your body! Your feet have the largest pours on your body and a rule of thumb to remember is 30 seconds on your skin it is in your blood stream! Thus it is very important you know what it is you are putting on your skin.


When taking an essential oil internally, it is important only to use essential oils that have  a supplemental facts label on the bottle so you know for certain that they are safe for consumption. It does not matter what someone tells you, what matters is what the label states!


It has been proven that essential oils grown in their place of origin are more pure, potent, and of higher quality than those grown elsewhere. So a lemon oil produced from lemons grown in our country are not near as potent, pure, or as high quality as lemon oil produce from lemons grown in Sicily, Italy since lemons are indigenous to Italy not America. When a plant is grown in its indigenous environment it has the perfect soil, temperature, sun, water, and bugs to help it grow perfectly; when you transport that plant to a different soil, temp, etc.


Many people think they can make their own essential oils but it takes a lot of the herb or plant to create a single bottle of oil – 2 examples for you – it takes 66 pounds of lemon balm to create a safe and effective 5ml bottle of Melissa and it takes 30 pounds of lavender flowers to produce 1 – 15ml bottle of the oil. However, it is possible to create oils to be used in your soaps or laundry detergent but that oil would not be consumed and  therefore, much less of the herb leave, bark or fruit rind would be required.

So let’s look at a few essential oils:


Frankincense – considered the “King of oils” was given to the Christ child for a reason – it is an amazing oil. Frankincense is one of the few oils that cross the blood brain barrier, it also causes cellular renewal through apoptosis a process in which bad cells basically commit suicide, but it also helps the good cells reproduce and regenerate themselves!

Oregano – considered as top oil to fight virus and infections

Lavender is looked at as the calming oil. It helps relax and calm the nerves, aids with sleep, calms sinus (natural antihistamine), allergy and respiratory issues, and soothes bites and stings, itching, inflammation and sunburn relief.

Lemon – natural antioxidant and detoxifier. Natural cleansing agent (helps flush out all the plastic stored up in your body). Helps elevate your mood, helps to balance your acidity levels and assists in increasing your ph level. Helps reduce stress and can be used to calm an upset stomach!

That is just the beginning, each oil does so much more than what is listed here but I hope this will spark your interest to learn more.

Did You Know!

Potent, high quality and pure essential oils are considered Nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants

The Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC)

Indicates strength of an anti-oxidant

Most people know that these items are considered good for getting a daily dose of anti-oxidants:

  • Carrots 250

  • Blueberries 2500

  • Red Wine 4523

  • Raw Garlic 5708


  • Clove Essential Oil 1,078,000 on ORAC scale!!!!

*    German Chamomile Essential Oil 218,600

  • Thyme Essential Oil 157,380

  • Ginger Essential Oil 99,300

  • Cumin Essential Oil 82,400

  • Peppermint Essential Oil 37,300

There is so much to share about essential oils but my purpose is just to get you started in your journey in alternatives.  To guide you I highly recommend the book – The Essential Life 2nd edition (sorry that one has been taken off the market you can now only by the revised 3rd edition) which not only covers illnesses and what oils are recommended for it but also shares about a large number of essential oils available and what their top 10 uses are.  The book will also let you know if it should be used topically, diffused, or taken internally. The author of the book is not connected with anyone essential oil company but is working to help guide the user in how and when to use an essential oil and all its benefits. The information contained in the book is so valuable for people to know in order to have one more tool in your medical kit of options. Remember, people may try to take your “Things” but they can not steal your knowledge! The more you learn now the better equipped you will be to handle anything that comes your way.

All our relief team uses and stores in our kits therapeutic essential oils that can be consumed. If you would like to know which oils we have found to be the best after all our years of research and use please feel free to ask us. If you would like to join our team and have access to continuing education we would love for you to join our group. Our team not only knows how to use modern medicine and skills but we all know and use homeopathy, essential oils, herbs, and other less known alternatives so we have many options in a disaster.


Our motto is to “Hit it hard, hit it fast, and be consistent!”



When disaster strikes you just might find that you are the only medical assistance around, so be prepared to help your family and friends.

However, do not make the common mistakes that many people make:

  • They wait to improve their health after a disaster happens

  • They buy cheap inferior oils and expect to get good results and are disappointed when they do not work

  • They purchase items and never use them so when the time comes they have no idea how to use them

  • They figure they can get it another day but just never get around to it and then when crisis happens they do not have what they want and find out the hard way that it is too late!

As you prepare for whatever the future holds for you please remember this: When disaster hits there is no turning back the hands of time, and no do-overs. You will have to deal with whatever presents itself; so have no regrets at that moment in time and thoughts of “I wish I had…, or I should have…” Prepare as though the crisis is just around the corner, maybe even tomorrow!



If you have questions about oils or any other form of natural alternatives please contact us we will be happy to share with you what we know and understand.

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