Simple Survival Walking Stick & Simple Survival Camo Capsule


Simple Survival Walking Stick & Simple Survival Camo Capsule!


You Asked for it and we have finally created it

Our exclusive

Trading Post In The Woods –

 Simple Survival Walking Stick & the Simple Survival Camo Capsule!

For many months people have been asking us to create something they could use to carry our products into the woods, mountains, on boats, and in their cars, etc. We listened to what you wanted and are excited to finally be able to offer it to you.

Things you asked for:

  • lightweight

  • simple

  • durable

  • protective

  • functional


Here is what we created to fill those requests:



Our exclusive – Simple Survival Walking Stick

Which has several features:

walkingstick resized by woodsfinal


1 – This walking stick can be broken down and fits into your backpack for easy transport

walking stick in packreformatted


2 – Each section is its own compartment which means when the stick is assembled items will not drop from the top of the stick to the bottom of the stick. Each section can hold up to 4 of our remedies but can also be used to hold fishing items, survival supplies, medical supplies etc. (We are working on those kits which you will be able to buy or you can make your own to fit in the stick.)



3 – The walking stick comes with 4 sleeves (photo only shows 3 but it comes with 4) that go over the homeopathic remedy bottles to safeguard them; and each section has padding at the bottom of its section to provide for addition protection. (Additional sleeves can be purchased separately.)


sleeves final edit


4 – Each walking stick has 50 feet of 550 paracord for a hand grip. It is not glued on the stick for easy removal in times of emergency but it is securely wrapped with a special knot that keeps it in place for everyday use .

paracord on stickfinal edit


5 – Each stick is custom painted so no 2 will be alike.



6 – In order to create a lightweight walking Stick we formed it out of PVC that is reshaped in certain sections to provide a smooth downward flow. We created a product to seal off the top and middle ends to form the individual compartments. And the smooth downward flow we created helps keep it  firmly in place and if it is raining  the water will run right down the stick and not into the stick keeping the items inside dry.



7 – One end cap of the stick is black to identify the bottom of the stick while the top cap has the camo detail which marks the top of the stick.



8 – The walking stick is 5 feet tall but because it is in sections you can assemble only 2 parts (Approx. 3 ft. walking stick) for if you have a child who needs to use or just wants the fun of using a stick and then keep the 3rd part in a backpack filled with supplies.

The Camo capsule:

camo capsule resized croppednew

1 – Will hold 2 homeopathic remedies and comes with 2 sleeves to go over the homeopathic remedy bottles to safeguard them.

2 sleeves final edit


2 – It has a metal clip that can attach to your backpack or pants loop for hands-free carry


3 – It is water resistant



4 – Has 24 feet of paracord (grip is 20 feet and the strap is 4 feet) It is not glued onto the capsule for easy removal during emergencies but is wrapped tight and knotted to keep it in place



5 – Can hold other relief supplies



6 – Each one is custom painted so no two capsules are alike.

These were created for people wanting a safe and easy way to take their homeopathic remedies into the woods,  in back packs, etc. We spend a lot of time in the woods and each one of us has our own stick and capsules which hold not only our homeopathics but also relief or emergency items we want to have on hand.

Though this item has just hit the market we had high volume requests prior to it coming out. If you would like to pre-order this product please understand we will get them out as fast as possible but we must first fulfill initial orders. Wait time should not be more than 2 weeks. (Thank you for your patience)

Also note: This product is made out of PVC and with use the custom paint job will become nicked and scratched depending on the usage – there is no way to prevent this from happening, however, we have put a protective coat over the paint as an additional safeguard.


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