Emergency Blessings Package

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Emergency Blessings Package

Specially Designed For:


U.S. Military,

First Responders,

Those You Love!



Our Country has just gone through an unprecedented time of destructive hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires which left many people in the dark and on their own. In under developed and developing countries throughout the world the massive natural disasters have also made matters worse; and in many cases, much worse.  In the midst of all the chaos, poverty, epidemics, and other hardships are dedicated Missionaries from churches across the United States and the world, spreading the word and lighting the world with Kindness, Caring and Love.  Some are in places where there is no modern infrastructure for the services we take for granted.  And for our missionaries, first responders, and military overseas events like this hold true almost daily.

This year as you try to think of the perfect gift for those you love or those you support (missionaries, military, etc) please think about those things that massive numbers of people had to do without when disaster struck their area or are faced with daily because of where they live: no power, no medical, no safe water, and no food. We can not offer you a special on everything someone might need but we can cover two vital areas – Power and medical.

Please remember – When disaster strikes the devastation is massive and the power and medical situation are abysmal.  Despite the situation, the dedication of those missionaries in the field, spreading the word continues undaunted.  Imagine how difficult that is – day after day – walking on and spreading the word, helping people and changing souls.

The same is true for U.S. Military Personnel and first responders on benevolent missions throughout the world.  Faced with the same challenges they choose to soldier on.

Now you can help these dedicated individuals and let them know you care.

We Created

“The Emergency Blessings Package”

To Aid and Assist Those in the Field.

The package includes:

The Super GMAG MissionPack


The American Heritage Package

Product Description:


Super GMAG MissionPack-

We created the Super GMAG MissionPack intended to lighten the load when times get tough.

The MissionPack comes with:


1 – Pocket Size King James Version New Testament Bible;

1 – GMAG Saltwater Powered Battery Charger with one pair of Triple Powered Pucks;

6 – 2000 mAh AA Rechargeable Batteries;

12 – 1000 mAh AAA Rechargeable Batteries,

1 – 5 VDC USB 4 AA Powered Charger with a full range of USB connectors to charge about 1000 different items;

2 – 9 LED (very bright) flashlights powered by 3 AAA Rechargable Batteries;

2  – AA to D Adapters;

2  – AA to C Adapters;

6  – AAA to AA Adapters;

4 – pre-measured Salt Packs. 


The American Heritage Package

Natural Alternatives to ease

a host of maladies when there is no Doctor

or Pharmacy for miles around




The American Heritage Package comes with:

 The 12 homeopathic remedies:

1 -Bowel~Digestive Care,

1 – Cold~Sinus,

1 – Breathe ~Ease (Formerly labeled as Cough~Asthma)

1 – Detox,

1 – Diarrhea,

1 – Fever~Infection,

1- Inflammation,

1 – Injury Rescue

1 – Kidney~Bladder,

1 – Pain Soother,

1 – Sick Stopper,

1 – Stress~Panic

1 –  booklet on suggested uses according to the Materia Medica.

(The complete remedy details are located under each remedy on our site)



Having served as a missionary for 37 years and being a disaster relief responder, I and our dedicated team understand the hardships faced in the mission field and in disaster zones by those who are there to serve and respond. We know the importance and the blessings of having power and medicinals to help you when there are no lights, no doctors, and no pharmacies for miles around. That is why we have joined forces with Greenivative to provide this much needed package for those who serve daily or simply for those you love dearly.


 (Due to high volume requests for this package there may be a short delay in shipping but they will be shipped priority mail as quickly as possible and you will receive a confirmation email when it is shipped along with a tracking number.)


*Disclaimer: Law requires that we state that Natural remedy treatments are aimed at strengthening constitution and vitality, and ARE NOT MEDICAL TREATMENTS. Nothing in our natural remedies is intended to identify, diagnose, prevent or treat specific diseases. The information on this website or booklets is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from decades of our experience. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions. Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been reviewed or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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