When reality comes knocking

When Reality Comes Knocking

By Eve Gonzales

Copyright 2017

all rights reserved


How many times have you heard people say, “I just can’t believe it”, or “I never thought that would happen”? Both are statements people make when reality does comes knocking; truth be told, in the past few months, “Reality” has been presenting itself to millions of people; not just here in the United States but around the world.



In just a short time frame there have been devastating fires, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, hate crimes, and of course – Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Nate; and yet, even now, when we talk to some of the survivors of these events we hear those two, oh so familiar phrases, “I just can’t believe it”, and “I never thought that would happen”.


Just yesterday as we were talking to survivors in Puerto Rico, there were people there who never prepared; they did not buy food, water, fill their gas tank, etc. because they stated they never believed it would hit them. They truly did believe it would shift at the last moment and go in another direction so they did not worry about it. But now, they are having to live out the consequences of that belief while others we spoke to, who took action and prepared, are not having to stand in long lines for food or water and are doing just fine.


Why do we as human beings find it hard to believe that bad things do happen and when reality does come knocking we get upset at others for the fact we do not have what we need or want? This article is not intended to criticize those suffering but to help people reevaluate their thought process so they and others do not have to endure what so many people have been going through over the past few months.


But here is truth and reality which most do not want to hear.

It is not the government’s responsibility to provide you with food, clothing, shelter, water, etc. it is yours! It is your job to have the provisions you need and a way to keep them safe; it is your job to take care of your medical needs; it is your job to help yourself in a disaster. The government’s job is to take care of security, defense, and infrastructure. The non-profits step in to assist with relief supplies to help you but there will never be enough to replace all you have lost – so please be prepared. If you are not then you can not complain.

I know that is not what most people think or believe, after all, it is wonderful to think someone will provide us with whatever we need so we do not have to worry about it.  But I hope that if you live in an area that has not been hit by some storm or other disaster that you will heed the warning and begin to prepare you families for whatever might come your way. You take responsibility and do not depend on someone else to do it for you. There should be few if any lines in a disaster area if everyone did their part and prepared. Preparation takes a little bit of time but it pays off in the long run. Now is the time to choose – do you want to be like others you have seen standing in lines for hours waiting for relief that does not arrive or do you want to be sitting at home with your family avoiding as much of the chaos as possible because you already have everything you need?

We have many free resources on our website to help you make your game plan and to help you get prepared. We encourage you to read those articles and listen to the pod casts or even call us if you need help. There are so many options for getting prepared these days that basically no one has an excuse not to be.

Our goal is to help you the best way we are able, and the best way we can do that is to help you learn from others mistakes and successes.

Now is the time to take action – we encourage you to shift your mindset from, “I just can’t believe it” to “What if”! You take control, you take action, you take responsibility and prepare. Prepare your family for the “What if’s” in life because by doing so you teach and equip them with the best possible out comes of whatever event might come their way!


Do not be part of the problem – choose to be part of the solution. Be Prepared!





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