New Pod Cast with Prepper Recon


Here is the new pod cast Eve did with Mark Goodwin from Prepper Recon.


Mark  Godwin asked Eve on the show to talk about What should someone do if there is a biological or chemical attack but instead of focusing in on a What If moment Eve and Mark talk about the daily attacks we are under that many people do not realize. Hope you will see the Trojan horse for what it really is and how it is destroying people now.



We Are Under A Chemical Attack

chemical part1


We Are Under A Chemical Attack part 2


We all have people we love who are dealing with some disease or illness, whether it is sinus/allergy, diabetes, cancer, autism, high blood pressure, etc. When we look back at our great- grandparents they did not have all these health issues on such a high volume scale as we do today – so we should being asking ourselves why is this happening to us?



On this pod cast Eve and Mark talk about the Trojan horse presented to us daily, how we choose to live in a box, and follow the flow –  but there are dangerous consequences to those decisions.



This pod cast encourages you to think outside the box, learn the truth, and make changes now. If you do – it will not only be to your benefit during times of crisis but more importantly in your every day life as well.



Before a disaster strikes it is so important to be in the best health possible because during a disaster event you will endure long hours or labor, be under greater mental and physical stress then you have possibly ever experienced in your life, You will need to be alert and have clarity of mind to make split second decisions that could save your life, and you will be exposed to new and or more virus and bacteria then what you deal with on a normal basis. So- the choices you make now truly do make a difference for later.



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