When One is None – What are Your Options?

When One is None – What are Your Options?



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When One is None – what are Your options?



If you have attended any of my training classes, read any of my books, or listen to any of our pod casts, you will hear me and others on my team use the phrase “One is None”.


When you are in a disaster or even just working on a normal day in your backyard or inside your house I am sure you can attest to that statement. Think about it – if your lawnmower breaks down, your washing machine stops working, your tire gets a flat, or your sinus or stomach medicines are not giving you the relief you need – then your first option has failed you and if you do not have a back up, well then, you are just out of luck.


When equipment fails our work halts until we get it fixed; if our medication fails to assist us, then we suffer until we can get something else to try. We are so use to this situation that we consider it a normal, yet, irritating occurrence which is to be expected in our every day lives. Truth be told – this does not have to be our norm! If we just take the time to do things right we will always have a backup to our first choice.


Here is how it usually goes for most people: when the lawn mower breaks down we just let the grass grow tall until we get it fixed or buy a new one. When the washing machine breaks you let the clothes build up until a serviceman repairs it or replaces it. If our sinus or stomach medication fails to relieve the symptoms we are plagued with then we just deal with it; maybe one day we will get around to trying something else but in the meantime we will just endure the symptoms of our condition because we really do not have a backup plan – so we suffer.


But what if there was another way? What if you planned to have good backups to your first choice? What if you did not have to suffer with symptoms or worry about faulty tools and equipment? Would you do what needed to be done ahead of time in order to prevent it?


This is going to be a 2 part article to help you plan to have those backups you need – when you need them; whether for disaster time or in every day life. Part one is on When You Have To Be Your Own Doctor.




  When You Have To Be Your Own Doctor




Today when people get sick it seems to take so much longer to get an appointment. I just had a dear friend who was suffering from a sinus infection and when they tried to get an appointment they were told it would be a 3 week wait time! So I asked what they were going to do and they said they did not have a choice, they were just going to wait! (They actually did have many choices but chose to limit it to just waiting)


Here is reality – when disaster strikes many people will find that they will have to become their own doctor because odds are there will be no hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, or doctor offices open. Many people tend to buy large medical kits to use in the event they have to take care of their family; few however, learn how to use anything that is in their kit. Therefore, that big awesome kit you bought should be considered as nothing because in an emergency it is hardly the time to first open something up to find out what is in it or to figure out how to use it.


In our training classes we teach people skills they will need to know but also teach them options they have for caring for them and their family if illness should occur whether for an individual or an epidemic.


My motto is: “Hit it Hard, Hit it Fast, and Be Consistent!” You will also hear me say, “The more tools you have in your tool chest the better chances you will have to survive whatever comes your way”, and “If you are in a die or try situation then you had better try because dying should not be an option”.


Having been in so many disaster areas we have seen reality; we have seen death, destruction, and disease; much of which could have been prevented or greatly reduced if people just knew what to do.


When I am teaching, “When You Have to Be Your Own Doctor”, we first talk about building your medical tool chest and all the options you have. Then we take it a step further and talk about combining those tools to have a faster and more successful outcome. (Knowing that many of you will not be able to attend one of our training events I wanted to share some information with you. Though we teach 6 hours on this topic I can only share a tidbit in this article; but I hope it gives you guidance.)


In disaster areas we do not see massive amounts of broken bones and people needing sutures but what we do see are people getting sick from spoiled food, bad water, and poor sanitation issues; and since the bacteria and virus counts are higher then normal we see all sorts of illnesses. The answers for the most potential problems in a disaster area will not be found in the big traditional medical kits, and thus, to be truly prepared you will have to learn the skills you need and learn the natural alternative options you have. (If you have stocked up on fish antibiotic those might work as long as the person you are giving them to does not have an allergic reaction to the medication you give them and you know which ones can be used for which infections and the dosage they would need. Since many people have problems with antibiotics they are not my first go to in time of crisis and they do not work on viruses.)


My first tool will always be homeopathy. It has proven itself time and time again to be most effective, and though there are the nay-sayers out there it is because they either have a vested interest in a pharmaceutical or because they have never studied or done any research on the topic. Some say homeopathy is nothing more than a placebo but animals who are sick or dying have been restored to good health using just homeopathy; since they do not understand what they are receiving then they can not alter the results just by thinking they will work.


In the United States homeopathy is actually deemed a drug and there are more than 440 by prescription only homeopathics. If there was no validity to them they would not be in the United States Pharmacopoeia nor would we have 440 plus by prescription only. Learn the history and empower yourself.


Other reasons why I choose homeopathy as my first go to is because it is not only highly effective (people working in the natural alternative world can no longer say heal or cured) but they do not expire when made correctly, there are no known side effects, no known contraindications, they do not have to be refrigerated, BUT best of all I can make a field remedy in about 20 minutes.


However, the more options you have the faster and harder you can hit it. Thus my number 2 choice is the therapeutic essential oil. Most oils are not therapeutic – they are simply fragrant (and /or toxic) and some companies out right lie about their contents making you believe they will do more then they are able. However, therapeutic oil will be high quality, high potency, improve conditions, and will be able to be consumed. Being consumable is the major key factor! Therapeutic oil not only can be consumed but works very effectively when just used topically because 30 seconds on the bottom of the feet and it is in the bloodstream. (If your oil does NOT have a nutritional label on the bottle I would not consume it even if someone says you can. Reason being is because it either has never been tested for safety which means  they can not label it as safe or it did not pass the testing and they are not able to put the nutritional label on their bottle.) If it says topical use only I would not even put it on my skin or in a diffuser because you do not have a pure, potent, or high quality oil and 30 seconds on the skin and it is in your blood stream; if you are breathing it in – then it is going deep into your lungs!


Each tool in your kit will have a purpose and when you know and understand the lengths to which you can use it and you understand the when, what, why, how, where, and who – the better chance you will have to overcome whatever you may be faced with.


Combining homeopathy and therapeutic essential oils together can help you in any situation where you need to, “Hit it Hard, Hit it Fast, and Be Consistent”. Consistent means you continue to give the body what it needs to continue on its road to strong health.


Other tools (options) we talk about in class are herbs, meso-silver, colloidal silver, raw honey, fermented food, etc.


It is essential to understand that your first and second choices are so important because they will be the driving force to either success or failure and the time in which it takes you to get there. However, as I will always state – “The more options you have the better chance your outcome will be”. I do believe there are times when you have to throw the whole kitchen sink at a crisis  (options 1,2,3,4,5) especially when you need to halt a deadly infection before it can even take root. If your sink is empty then it was truly a wasted throw unless you simply were just trying to knock the person out.


Knowing what natural alternatives are, having the best and most purest forms of each one, knowing when, what, why, how, where, and who, and practicing and implementing them into your daily life now, will help you to be Your Best Doctor. No one knows your body better than you and no one will take care of you better than you will. Start building and expanding your natural alternative kits and skills today; you will be grateful you did.


If you would like to take one of our training classes watch for our updated schedule; or if there is a group of you who are interested in learning just contact us on how to bring this class to your area.


If you have questions about homeopathy we encourage you to watch some of the videos on our site at: https://tradingpostinthewoods.com/our-story/videos/

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Also go to archived news and read some of our articles on the topic, or call us.

If you would like to learn more about therapeutic essential oils, their benefits, or about the ones we use, please call or email me at evem@tradingpostinthewoods.com.




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