Thrive Semi-Annual Sale Happening Soon!




The long awaited Thrive Food Sale is finally here! For those of you who will be first time buyers here is how it works.

On April 20th all Thrive food will be on sale but some items will be up 50% off and these items sell out fast. To help those who are connected with a group like Trading Post In The Woods we can order a day before it goes public – but we have to order it for you.

If you see items you want then you need to send to us in an email the item number and quantity you desire along with your name and phone number.On the 19th we will begin placing the orders as soon as they begin the sale. On that day we will contact you for your shipping information and payment choice and will review your order with you before it is place. Thrive will ship it directly to you.

If you are planning on placing a large order please notify your charge card company and let them know a charge from Thrive Life Foods will be placed on that day because if you do not sometimes the orders are denied and some people we have ordered for lost out on specials because the bank did not let it go through in time.

 Only the items in the flier  as well as the specialty kits  we can offer you are able to be purchased a day early. (All items we can order early are listed in this article) All other items will  not be available until the 20th and can be purchased directly through our site ( or you can send us the order dated for the 20th and we will place it for you.

This sale is only 4 days long (5 for us) so do not delay if you plan on ordering. Once items sell out we can not get them for you until after the sale. Also please note – Thrive rarely puts their cheese and eggs on a large discount and we can not offer a specialty kit for them so if you are wanting those items – now is the time to order them.

If you have questions please contact me either via email at or at 912-996-7601.  When you are sending us your order PLEASE do not put in your charge card information – we will take that information when we call you to go over your order.


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Thrive Flyer-Semi-Annual-Sale 2017-2

Thrive Flyer-Semi-Annual-Sale 2017-3

Thrive Flyer-Semi-Annual-Sale 2017-4




For everyone who has read my book – Major Disasters-Lessons Learned, or is trying to get prepared – Here are our Thrive discount specialty packages we can offer you. They range from Approx. 30-49 percent lower than their regular offers. If you would like the discount package price you must send us an email so we can place the order for you. Send your request to someone will contact you and verify the order before it is placed.


 If you have never ordered Thrive food or any freeze dried or dehydrated food before but would  like to learn more about it, you can either contact us via email and someone will contact you back to answer any questions you might have or you may go to

Here is what we are able to offer you to help you save money

(While it remains available)



PACKAGE #1 25344

*Premium Meats Essentials Package*

Retail – $376.94
SALE PRICE – $204.99

Package includes:
2 – Ground Beef (FD) regularly 62.49/can
2 – Chopped Chicken (FD) regularly 58.99/can
2 – Roast Beef (FD) regularly 66.99/can
*Savings of $171.95 Approx 46% off



PACKAGE #2 25345

*Deluxe Meats Variety Pack*

Retail – $395.14
SALE PRICE – $204.99

Package includes:
1 – Ground Beef (FD) regularly 62.49/can
1 – Chopped Chicken (FD) regularly 58.99/can
1 – Roast Beef (FD) regularly 66.99/can
1 – Turkey Dices (FD) regularly 72.99/can
1 – Sausage Crumbles (FD) regularly 61.69/can
1 – Ham Dices regularly 71.99/can
*Savings of $190.15 approx 48% off



PACKAGE #3 25417

*Vegetable Variety Pack*

Retail – $114.24
SALE PRICE – $70.99

Package includes:
1 – Carrot Dices regularly 21.99/can
1 -cauliflower (FD) regularly 22.99/can
1 – Chopped Onions regularly 16.29/can
1 – Sweet Corn (FD) regularly 20.99/can
1 – Green Peas (FD) regularly 19.99/can
1 – Potato Chunks regularly 11.99/can
*Savings of $43.25 Approx 38% off



PACKAGE #4 25346

*Tropical Fruit Pack*

Retail $221.14
SALE PRICE $126.99

1 – Peach Slices (FD) regularly 32.99/can
1 – Pineapple Chunks (FD) regularly 37.99/can
1 – Mangoes (FD) regularly 29.19/can
1 – Banana Slices (FD) regularly 28.99/can
1 – Pears (FD) regularly 55.99/can
1 – Apricots (FD) regularly 35.99/can
*Savings of 94.15 Approx. 43% off



PACKAGE #5 25358

*Fruit Variety Pack*

Retail – $203.44
SALE PRICE – $126.99
Package Includes:
1 – Strawberry Slices (FD) regularly 28.99/can
1 – Raspberries (FD) regularly 34.99/can
1 – Blueberries (FD) regularly 43.99/can
1 – Blackberries (FD) regularly 39.49/can
1 – Peach Slices (FD) regularly 32.99/can
1 – Apple Slice regularly 22.99/can
*Savings of 76.45 Approx 37% off



PACKAGE #6 25435
*Roast Beef 12 Pack*

Retail – $803.88
SALE PRICE – $419.99
Package includes:
12 – Roast Beef (FD) regularly 66.99/can
*Savings of $393.89 Approx 49% off



PACKAGE #7 #25433
*Ground Beef 12 Pack*

Retail – $749.88
SALE PRICE – $419.99
Package includes:
12 – Ground Beef regularly 62.49/can
*Savings of $329.89 Approx 44% off



PACKAGE #8 25359
*Yogurt Variety Pack*


Retail – $290.94
SALE PRICE – $162.99

1 – Vanilla Yogurt Bites (FD) Reg. – $50.49
1 – Pomegranate Yogurt Bites (FD) Reg. – $48.99
1 – Blueberry Yogurt Bites (FD) Reg. – $51.99
1 – Strawberry Yogurt Bites (FD) Reg. – $46.49
1 – Cherry Yogurt Bites (FD) Reg. – $49.99
1 – Passion fruit Yogurt Bites (FD) Reg. – $42.99
*Savings of $127.95 Approx 44% off



*Organic Raspberries Case* (6- #10 cans) 26352

Retail: $261.59
SALE PRICE: $199.99



 *Organic Green Peas Case* (6- #10 cans) 26246

Retail: $222.29
SALE PRICE: $145.99






*Powdered Milk Bucket* (Non-Fat)24447

Retail: $159.99



*Cane Sugar Bucket* 24671

Retail: $79.79



*White Rice Bucket* 24119

Retail: $71.29
SALE PRICE: $46.99



 *Hard White Wheat Bucket* 24123

Retail: $57.59
SALE PRICE: $36.99



*White Flour (Unbleached) Bucket* 24116

Retail: $55.79
SALE PRICE: $39.99