You Say You Don’t Gamble – BUT…

You Say You Don’t Gamble – BUT…

By Eve Gonzales
All rights reserved

We all know people, and most likely yourself included, who profess they are not gamblers. Most people will never go to a gambling establishment, they do not play poker, and they have never dropped a coin into a slot machine. These are the same people who have life insurance in the event of their death, have auto insurance in the event of a car accident, have medical and dental insurance to cover their possible medical needs, they teach their children to swim in case they fall into a pool or lake, and they have house security systems in case someone tries to break in – but – when it comes time to prepare their family in the event of a disaster most choose to take a gamble that nothing will ever happen to them or in their area so they do nothing to prepare.


Over the past 2 weeks in our own country and around the world there have been devastating tornadoes, floods, mudslides, and terrorist attacks. Each time something does not happen to you it strengthens your position of, “it may happen to others but it will never happen to me and my family” so you continue to gamble the well-being and security of your family’s future; after all it is a remote possibility that such things will occur in your neck of the woods.


I am grateful that most of you who are reading this have never had to see the destruction, devastation, lose of life, and chaos that we have witnessed first hand when we responded to areas that lost the bet. Thousands of people who had no preparations or plans because they gambled that nothing would happen but in the end they lost – and for some – they lost it all including life.


People who live in a flood zone take a risk every year if they do not buy flood insurance and then scream when they have no coverage after a flood happens. People who live in areas that are prone to tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. gamble every day with their family’s future if they do not have a family game plan, skills, knowledge, or emergency relief supplies. These same people who choose to gamble and lose and find themselves in the middle of a disaster are the ones who blame the lack of relief supplies on the government and others and complain because the free handouts were not what they wanted. I can say this because on each event we have responded to here in the United States there were always people complaining; complaining that they wanted real meat not canned meat; they wanted name brand items not generic; they wanted softer blankets or larger blankets; they wanted their TV and computers back but the electric company and government were taking to long to get things fixed; they wanted to know what non-governmental or government agency was going to come in and clean their house since it was destroyed or damaged after a flood or storm; they yelled because they wanted us to provide them with their medications since the doctors offices, pharmacies, and hospitals were closed. They yelled, cried, and some became violent because their life had been turned upside down, inconvenienced, or destroyed and they wanted to know who was going to fix it.


Then there are the other group of people we have worked with, those who did not gamble with their family’s well-being – those who made game plans, had relief supplies, and were determined that if something happened they would be responsible for their family and they worked together to survive the event and then to rebuild their lives. They did not find fault or put the responsibility onto someone else – they took responsibility and they greeted us with open arms; and though we were there to check on them to see how we might be of service most just wanted a hug, a smile, a word of encouragement, and prayer to see them through the time of hardship they were facing.


When someone decides to go to a casino and play Black Jack and they lose their life savings it does not become yours or anyone else’s responsibility to take care of them – they can not blame their loss on anyone else. The same holds true during time of disasters. When an event occurs it is your responsibility to provide for your family; it is your responsibility to have a plan for your family; it is your responsibility to help your family – It Is You! The government is responsible for infrastructure and security but YOU are responsible for the care and provisions for your family. There may be organizations like ours who will be there to help provide assistance but it will never be enough so be prepared. If you should choose not to prepare or invest in your family’s future please do not find fault or blame others when you do not have – because the only person to blame will be you.


Think about it this way – how much have you paid for auto, health, and life insurance over the course of your life and what do you have to show for it? Each year most people pay thousands of dollars in insurance they never use but you do not get a refund it is just lost money. When you prepare for a disaster with supplies and skills you have those supplies and skills to use every day so nothing is lost but actually gained. It is an investment that truly pays off if an event happens but also provides if nothing does. Yet people are willing to pay thousands of dollars each year for something that they may never use and then lose but are not willing to invest in something that pays out even when there is not a crisis – Why?


If you say you do not gamble please make sure that statement is true! You may not gamble at the slot machines but if you do not prepare for disasters of any kind then you gamble with your future well-being and the ability to provide for your family. The choice of course is yours but if you choose to gamble then please take responsibility after an event occurs and do not blame others for your lack of preparation. Do not scream, yell, and complain when there are no relief supplies for you and your family. Do not expect or demand the government takes care of you just be willing to accept the consequences of your choice.


We will continue to do what we can do when an event occurs but you need to do everything you can now before that event happens and then be determined to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. When people are prepared things will go much faster and smoother and your family will be much happier.


So I ask you this question – Do you gamble?


Just a little food for thought – storms and disaster events continue to happen more frequently. What choice are you making for your family’s future?


We urge you to share this article with family and friends as an encourage for them to be prepared.